"Meatshell's uniqueness oozes out of their energetic

and intense stage presence, charisma and musicality."

--- Charlotte Haesen, Jazz Maastricht

// MEATSHELL is the experimental-folk duo of Helen Svoboda (contrabass/voice) and Andrew Saragossi (tenor saxophone). ---

With a shared curiosity for the subtle beauty of things, the pair cultivates unconventional sound worlds, transcending traditional song forms by emphasising the power of story telling through sound. Infused with elements of minimalism, contemporary jazz and free improvisation, the music is intimate, raw and unapologetically honest.

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MEATSHELL has been steadily building a reputation for their divergent musical thinking and were recently recognised as winners of the 2020 Maastricht Jazz Awards (NL), as well as being selected to participate in the finals of the 2020 B-Jazz Competition (Leuven, BE).  The duo were also winners of the inaugural Award for Innovation in Music (2019 – Conservatorium Maastricht).  Their sophomore album "Since Subito" was released in March 2021 through Earshift Music.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rafet Grima

Video Credit: Angus Kirby